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If it's funny—no, make that SUPER funny—chances are good that Gavin Cutler had something to do with it. In his 20-plus year career, the editor has sifted through miles of footage to craft many of advertising's most beloved comedic classics, including Cliff Freeman gems for, Fox NBA (starring Alan and Jerome) and the Traktor-directed Grand Prix winning Fox Sports campaign. After graduating from an avant garde film program at SUNY Binghamton, Cutler pulled a sharp 180 and turned to commercials, spending a decade at now shuttered shop First Edition. During that time he had befriended Ian Mackenzie, and in 1997 the pair founded their eponymous boutique. Not only have the two "been laughing for the last ten years,"Cutler says, they also run what has become one of the industry's finest editing outfits. In recent years, Cutler's onslaught of laughs has continued, with work for FedEx, Publicis's "1-800-Funny" campaign for TBS and the spot that launched a new era of BK—"Wake Up With the King." 2007 was an especially prolific year. Cutler contributed to the insanity that is Starburst "Bus Station," and also cut Masterfoods siblings Skittles' "Stable" and "Touch" (The latter was the most viewed spot of the year on AdCritic).However, the editor does not thrive on humor alone, evident in spots like the heartwarming GE "Jar" and the multi-awarded Volkswagen "Safe Happens" campaign.

On cutting Starburst's "Bus Station": "Jesus. Lil' lad. That's a fucked up spot. With the Lil' lad there were many great moments and it was a lot of 'How do we get from here to there?' I built many constructions that were all varying degrees of good and fucked up, and the creatives and I sat around for days debating and laughing."

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