Jon Kamen and Frank Scherma

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Scherma (LEFT) and Kamen
Scherma (LEFT) and Kamen
If you ask principals Jon Kamen and Frank Scherma the secret to the company's success, they can't pinpoint just one reason. That's not too hard to believe considering the company's expertise in a variety of platforms. "I think the diversification of the company has made everything we do interesting and fun," says Scherma."Diversity is how you continue to grow creatively. If you're just in one medium it's very difficult to grow your creativity within that medium, while working across mediums seems to make the creativity flow." And work across mediums they did. In 2007, the company turned out more content for DriverTV, its own cable on-demand channel as well as for the Sundance Channel, with a new season of Iconoclasts. @radical also produced the MTV series The Gamekillers, spawned from the campaign for Axe out of BBH, the pilot of the Golden Globe-winning series Mad Men and branded content like Saatchi & Saatchi, Los Angeles' Two Roads to Baha doc for Toyota. Additionally, the company has laid the groundwork for a new Shanghai office and is set to launch an internal continuing education program dubbed "Radical U" to keep its staff up to speed on emerging technologies and push them outside their creative comfort zones.

Kamen, on creative partnerships: "As much as we sometimes fondly remember the good old days when a storyboard would come out of the fax machine and servicing a project like that, the way we work with agencies today, the partnerships we've established, the ability to work with them and their clients in a completely new paradigm of trust and appreciation—that's where I think we're having the most fun."

Scherma on inspiration within the company: "When you're running a company, you have to love what you're doing to be inspired and to inspire the people around you to want to push themselves just as much. So when they see the two of us, we're among the first people to arrive and the last to leave, and it's not because we have to, it's because we're excited about what's going on. They need to feel that the guys running things are inspired by what's going on, and we are."

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