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First the balls descended on the streets of San Francisco. Then paint exploded onto a building in Glasgow, and in 2007, rabbits ran loose through the streets of Manhattan, all part of ongoing spectacles from Fallon, London and Sony's Bravia campaign.Meanwhile, just when you thought museums were for art snoots, Fallon gave the Tate's marketing a makeover, turning out the Grand Prix-winning "My Collections" campaign and the music-minded "Tate Tracks," both driven by ideas that put the audience, not creative ego, at the heart of the matter. But we did not realize the full meaning of "genius" until we saw the gorilla. The incongruous mix of fake animal fur, musical performance and a resurrected Phil Collins pop hit from the '80s came together to become the dark horse creative hit of the year, for Cadbury milk chocolates, of all things.Who knows how the elements fit together, but something just clicked, and finally! An advertising moment truly worthy of being called "viral." (As of November 2007, the spot had racked up six million views.) The man behind these magical moments is Juan Cabral, whose work demonstrates a lethal combination of brains, innovation, emotional connection and impeccable execution (the latter he took into his own hands when he directed the Cadbury viral himself). The repeat slamdunks make brilliance look easy for him, although it's anything but. "When you start a project, you get a bit dizzy, because you can go anywhere, and you should go everywhere, in a way," he says. "It's a bit like chess where you imagine all the possible moves. I'm terrible at chess, so I don't know why I use that analogy, but it is something like that."

On keeping a campaign fresh: "It's actually quite nice to develop a brand and see it grow. I enjoy the second step. There's maybe a false expectation within the industry.With Sony for instance, everybody knows the brief or the idea. But when you forget about that and realize that people will simply react fresh to it, it's quite fun."

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