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Mads Nipper, CMO, LEGO

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Mads Nipper
Mads Nipper

If we could name a brand that universally inspires creativity, not only among people who are paid for it to do so, but even among those who aren't, it has to be LEGO.

The toy has been used to demonstrate kids' imaginations in a Duplo campaign in Sweden, and to create life-size forests in Sydney and the Australian Outback to celebrate the brand's 50 years Down Under. Stateside, Pereira & O'Dell created an app that let you make movies starring LEGO superheroes and brought the inventors' community together with "Click." "LEGO inspires creativity because it's this magic marriage between being systematic and being creative," says Mads Nipper, CMO.

LEGO corporate is surprisingly hands-off when it comes to creative. While product-oriented campaigns are overseen by Mr. Nipper, other efforts can be credited to local LEGO clients and their agencies. That can cause problems if agencies or local clients don't adhere to the brand's set of guidelines. But in a rare show of trust between client and creative, Mr. Nipper says that's okay. "We have a trust base," he says. "We'll learn from the unintended consequences."

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