Maximiliano Anselmo and Sebastian Wilhelm

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Wilhelm (LEFT) and Anselmo
Wilhelm (LEFT) and Anselmo
Three-year-old Santo can finally stand on its own. How can you tell? Early this year co-founders Wilhelm and Anselmo finally went on vacation at the same time, the first time both have been out of the agency. Not to say they won't be nervous, but they've got enough faith in the 20 other Santos to keep the Buenos Aires office running smoothly. In 2007 the agency solidified its relationships with its clients after starting the year with the "Neon Girl" spot directed by Danny Kleinman for Unilever's Lux. It also made noise with a category-busting rolling R romp for Navarro Correas, "Romance 'Round Red River'" and a film festival promo good enough to be invited to compete in the actual festival (Project 155: "My Left Eye"). And Santo's going to grow—the agency is planning to open a London office this year, in what Wilhelm calls the counter-colonization.

Anselmo, on his agency reaching maturity: "I think this year we realized that some people here at Santo love Santo more than [we do]. We're very proud of that. Having people with that attitude, with that commitment, for us, it's something new."

Wilhelm, on what's driving him: "What excites me is not like, That's a great script; it's more like That's something I've never done before or that's never been done before. Then you need to get lucky or you need your client to be there with you. Some of the best pieces of work that I've seen this year, they are a creative whim which the client has said I trust you, I trust your talent."

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