Creativity 50 2013: Ari Kuschnir, Scott Thrift, Kate Oppenheim, Josh Nussbaum

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From left: Thrift, Oppenheim, Kuschnir and Nussbaum
From left: Thrift, Oppenheim, Kuschnir and Nussbaum


Executive producer/CEO Ari Kuschnir and director Scott Thrift launched Brooklyn-based production company m ss ng p eces in 2005 as a nimble, two-person outfit known for bringing high production value to films on new digital platforms. Since then, the company added partners Kate Oppenheim and director Josh Nussbuam and has made a name for itself for creating films for an impressive list of partners such as Google, the TED conference and former Veep Al Gore.

In the past year alone, the shop was behind the viral film that gave the beta-deprived a glimpse at what it feels behind Google glass. It’s also created the stellar lineup of artist films being rolled out by the Red Bull Music Academy. Not to mention, it’s creating products, too. Via Kickstarter, Mssng Peces launched “The Present,” the first annual clock that tells time in seasons.

In December, the company announced the installation of a full-fledged roster, already making its mark on the entertainment scene. Director Sam Fleishchner’s film “Stand Clear of the Closing Doors,” earned a Special Jury Award at Tribeca, while Jordan Fish’s interactive music video “Chairlift,” was named BuzzFeed’s #1 clip of the year. And the talent lineup continues to grow with the addition of Ray Tintori, a past C50 inductee. With the new growth comes a change of perspective. “The biggest philosophical change was learning to embrace the commercial production company model while still being cutting edge and continuing to support original projects like interactive music videos, annual clocks and feature films,” said Mr. Kuschnir. But “at the core, it’s still about making meaningful and awesome content, whether it’s for TV, web or beyond.” 

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