Pete Caban, Jason Harris, Ian Kovalik and Tommy Means

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FROM LEFT: Kovalik, Harris, Means, Caban
FROM LEFT: Kovalik, Harris, Means, Caban
San Francisco-based Mekanism is a shining example of creative consistency—and flexibility.With award-winning projects like the Sega "Monkeyball" virals and the award-winning Microsoft Clearification effort, the production company (and then some) has had more than its fair share of successes on work that blurs the boundaries between traditional media, interactive and more. Recently, it worked with MTV and Electronic Arts to create a social network based around the new video game release Rock Band; and its foray into feature documentary making, Surfwise, debuted at the Toronto International Film Festival. Founder/director Tommy Means says the key to Mekanism's adaptability is its stable of directors and artists who are fluent in many different mediums, but who also place a priority on great storytelling and production.Moreover, the shop is known, in many cases, to think up the ideas behind the great work.

Means, on the shop's diversity: "Everyone in our office feels that the possibilities are unlimited.We start things from a big idea and from there we have an enormous sense of freedom in that we can animate it, we can shoot 35mm film, it can be interactive, it can be anything. It makes things a lot of fun and it's very liberating."

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