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When it comes to Randy Krallman and 2007, a long, prancing shadow was cast by a little lad with Prince Valiant hair crooning for some berries and cream. Starbust's"Bus Station" sticks out thanks in equal measures to the lad's mind-piercing ditty as well as the subsequent tidal wave of attention it garnered from the industry and general public alike. But look a little closer and you'll notice that this past year was also one of slight evolution for Krallman. The skewed characters and comedy he's become known for were all still there (most notably in the form of two touchy-feely wrestlers shilling for Old Spice), but he also spread his skills across a broader range on Steinlager, Rock Band and on a short film for eBay about a sneaks-wearing seeing eye horse that debuted at the Sundance Film Festival last month. Krallman has also pushed more into series and longer form work. "It was fun thinking about how these longer form things would be unveiled and a challenge having to flush the characters out and seeing how they develop over the series," says Krallman. "I think I had a bit of success with it, along with a few painful coming-up-short moments, but it's definitely a fun thing to tackle."

On his biggest challenge of the year: "The most challenging thing this year was definitely the eBay short. Budget-wise, it was a bit more strapped than a commercial would be and I was a bit delusional with what I could pull off with a miniature horse and four 17-year-old Dominican kids who had never acted. Also, it's one thing when it's a Hot Pockets commercial that's not particularly aiming for genius, but when it's a short film that you're given complete creative control over, you really don't have any excuses for fucking it up."

On growing as a director: "I think I've gone from being protective of the career and worrying about taking a misstep to thinking, as one starts to think about features, it's important to push yourself and challenge yourself. And some of those things are naturally going to fail but it's important to do them if you want to grow. In recent years, I wouldn't step up to anything I didn't know I could crush, but that's changed."

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