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As far as dream projects go, global digital agency AKQA hit the jackpot with the multi-headed monster of a campaign for Halo 3.Working alongside McCann sub-division T.A.G., the San Francisco-based headquarters cemented a solid work year by developing the campaign's website, which consisted of a war-torn interactive diorama that serves as the foundation of the game's storyline. "When we saw the initial description come, we saw a massive opportunity to turn it into an immersive experience where people can see what the battle was like where Master Chief fought," says global creative director Rei Inamoto. "The diorama was a perfect platform for us to create a simple yet engaging interactive experience that users could easily navigate." Outside of the Halo 3 work, Inamoto and crew also launched several other notable efforts for clients like Visa, Nike (the "Supersonic" campaign out of London, in which speed demons competed in various running trials to win tickets to an exclusive music and running event) and Coca-Cola. The latter expanded Coke's "Happiness Factory," which invites online visitors to apply for jobs in the fizzy wonderland.

On AKQA's unique creative setup: "Within the creative department at AKQA, we have four disciplines: art direction/design is one, the other is copywriting, but in addition to those we have interaction design, which is more in new media and interactive, and also motion graphics and media. By having them all under umbrella, we try to encourage cross-pollination of ideas."

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