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Ryder Ripps and Jonathan Vingiano, co-founders, OKFocus

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In February 2011, commuters going from North Brooklyn to Manhattan finally had an answer to the question perhaps most of them wondered every single morning: Is the L train fucked?

Whether it is or isn't, they now know through the eponymous single-serving site created by Jonathan Vingiano, who, along with Ryder Ripps, is the founder of creative digital agency OKFocus.

Tug of Store
Tug of Store

The shop has gone on to develop more incredible, function-over-form projects that have technology, not aesthetics, at their core. The duo, who are both 25, worked on 'Tug of Store' for curator Svpply, and a PR stunt for the ages with WhoDat.Biz, which punked the entire Internet when everybody thought it was the domain name for Kanye West's new project. Another big win was, a game for Google Plus Hangouts that let you, literally, draw with your face.

"To us, it's about just getting to the core of something, paring it down and keeping it minimalist to expose its beauty," said Vingiano. The idea is to start from scratch for every single project. "People latch onto design tropes that are the result of arbitrary decisions," said Ripps. "We don't do that."

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