Cannes 2013 Recap: See All the Grand Prix Winners

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Missed Cannes? Creativity revisits the top honorees of the 2013 Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, a mix of expected advertising hits and some pleasant surrpises. For more coverage from the week and winners, tune into Creativity's Cannes Central.

Fim/Branded Content/Cyber: Intel/Toshiba "The Beauty Inside
Pereira O'Dell's social film for Intel/Toshiba starred actor Topher Grace as Alex, a man who woke up every day in a different body, which becomes a problem when he falls in love with someone. The campaign ran over the course of six weeks, and along the way Alex was played by a cast of consumers who auditioned online. They appeared via Alex's video diaries about his condition, which were all recorded on his Intel-powered Toshiba laptop. The effort was the suprise hit of the festival and earned top honors in cyber, film and branded content. Just before Cannes, it also earned a Daytime Emmy. It's actually the second iteration of a campaign launched in 2011, with another social film starring actress Emmy Rossum, but judges praised this for the quality of production and story. To them, it represented a move forward in filmic and online storytelling.

Titanium: Dove "Real Beauty Sketches"
This effort from Ogilvy Brazil showed the disheartening difference between how women see themselves and how others see them, with the help of an FBI forensics artist. It was a favorite going into Cannes, won multiple Golds and in the end came away with what is arguably the Festival's highest honor, the Titanium Grand Prix.

PR/Direct/Radio/Integrated/Film: Metro "Dumb Ways to Die"
Not suprisingly, Metro's "Dumb Ways to Die" out of McCann Melbourne was a big hit of the festival. What was suprising however was that the work pretty much swept the big awards, taking expected honors like Film Grand Prix but also nabbing a big Lion in radio, PR, Direct and Integrated. Judges from a host of juries admired its ability to achieve what advertising rarely does--become a true part of pop culture.

Film Craft: Channel 4 "Meet the Superhumans"
Another favorite going into the festival, this brave spot created out of the in-house creative department of U.K. broadcaster Channel 4 cast Paralympian athletes in a light typically reserved for those without disabilities. Jurors described every aspect of the production as "perfect."

Design: Auchan "Selfscan Report"
To help Australian grocery retailer Auchan promote its environmental practices, Serviceplan Munich created an annual sustainability report that fit within the tiny real estate of a shopping receipt. Customers could see the entire report by scanning it with their smartphones. The award was a back-to-back Grand Prix honor for Serviceplan Munich. The agency won in the previous year, for another annual report, Austria Solar's "Solar Annual Report." The piece for the solar power company featured pages which could only be read when exposed to the sun.

Outdoor: IBM "Smart Ideas for Smarter Cities"
Another example of work that practices what it preaches, this outdoor campaign from Ogilvy France added functionality to the typical outdoor ad. By adding a simple curve to a billboard it became a bench people could sit on, or shelter from the rain. Another made it less cumbersome to get your bike or shopping cart up a staircase by adding ramp. The jury praised the work for being "classic outdoor" that could only live as outdoor.

Press: Apple's iPad Mini Magazine Ads
A perfect example of Apple's clever voice, these simple print ads for the iPad mini ran on the backpages of magazines like The New Yorker, Marie Claire and Time and recreated the cover of the publications, but in the mini's smaller form. Press Jury President Marcello Serpa noted, "It has a kind of guerrilla feeling. It's a product that goes inside the media and says I'm going to kill you, [then] I'm going to save you. Let's embrace. It's redemption."

iPad Mini on the back cover of Time
iPad Mini on the back cover of Time

Promo/Activation: Recife "Immortal Fans"
How far are you willing to go for your sports team? Ogilvy Brazil leveraged the fervent team devotion of its country's soccer fans to address a big problem in the country: the lack of organ donors. This campaign for soccer club Recife, "Immortal Fans," called on fans to keep their hearts beating for their teams, even long after death, by pledging to donate their organs. The special organ donor card was made available via an app or snail mail. According to the agency, the effort led to 51,000 organ donors, and the waiting list for heart and corneal transplants went from zero to 1,000.

Cyber: Oreo "Daily Twist"
This campaign out of DraftFCB and 360i celebrated Mondelez' Oreo brand by making slight tweaks to the look of the classic cookie, making it relevant to current events. The campaign ran for 100 days and opened with a bold rainbow cookie celebrating Gay Pride Week, and also included Oreos in homage to the Mars Rover Landing and even Shark Week. Cyber Jury President Bob Greenberg of R/GA commended the campaign for bringing a brand back to life. "It made people fall in love with a cookie," he said. "If you can do that for a brand that's been around for 100 years, that's interesting."

Mobile: Smart Communications TXTBKS
The Philippines won its first-ever Grand Prix for this effort that turned outdated mobile handsets into a vehicle for storing school textbooks. The client Smart Communications teamed with textbook publishers to condense books into text messages that were then put onto old SIM cards and repackaged as "Smart TXTBKS." The effort was an unusual win because, as Jury President Rei Inamoto noted, "It's not the most technically advanced entry, and in fact, it's a little bit backwards." But the jury praised it for its simplicity and for being a mobile idea that didn't push the technology side of the medium.

Media: Dela "Why Wait Till It's Too Late'
This moving idea for Dutch funeral insurance company, created out of Ogilvy & Mather Amsterdam, made innovative use of a variety of media to remind people to celebrate their loved ones, while they're still here. It tapped people to express their thanks to family and friends, and those messages were shared across a span of media, including outdoor ads placed where the loved ones could see them and online. The marketer and agency even took over a news broadcast and invited people to say thank you on live television. The campaign was a business success and Dela reported its amount of insured apital grew 50%. ith Dela reporting the amount of insured capital grew 50%. The idea itself, judges said, was a brave move in a category generally about death.

Innovation: Cinder Coding Platform
The first-ever winner of the newly introduced Innovations Lions is an open-source developers platform out of The Barbarian Group. Originally created for the VFX industry, it serves as a one-stop toolbox for programming graphics, audio, video, image processing, computational geometery and networking. Jurors praised this for powering from 20 to 30 of the Innovation entries in this year's festival.

Creative Effectivenss: Heineken's "Legendary Journey"
Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam's "Legends" campaign has been popular in the creative circles, and is previous ads for the campaign earned Film Lions at the Cannes festival previously. But this year the marketer earned perhaps the ultimate validation of the efficacy of its standout creative in the form of the Creative Effectiveness Lion.

Grand Prix for Good: WWF "The Ant Rally"
BBDO Dusseldorf tapped an unlikely group of activists to make a statement saving the rainforest in this deligthful campaign for the WWF. The agency created miniscule leaf banners with messages about preserving the environment, which were then carried around by 500,000 leafcutter ants during a five-day live march at the Cologne Zoo.. The "protest" became part of teaser vidoes that made headlines all over the world.

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