What Cannes Should Ban

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It's like deja vu. Year after year, the same issues come up around this time, but its seems like they're only getting worse -- the fake work, the obnoxious, elaborate case studies. Creative leaders share what they think needs to be banned from Cannes and the awards process in general. 

Check out more of the creatives' thoughts on the upcoming festival, including their predictions for this year's big Lion winners as well as the regional favorites they hope to be honored next week. 

There's so much vending machine work it's unbelievable. The amount of ideas for vending machines just feels overboard and there's so much opportunistic work getting done in this area. Maybe instead of it going away there should be a whole category for it at Cannes and then they can all compete against each other.  –Calle Sjoenell, CCO, Ogilvy & Mather New York

Abhijit Avasthi
Abhijit Avasthi

I am averse to any kind of trend. Winners spawn many imitators, and it would nice to see fewer and fewer of them in the following years. One of them that puts me off is the gratuitous use of illustrations in print advertising for the sake of showing off a new illustration style. Then there is the proliferation of contraptions that use technology for the sake of seeming geeky and intellectual.  As an aside, I am a little concerned about how increasingly the quality of a video of an entry is becoming more important than the idea behind the entry. To me it seems like the tail wagging the dog.  –Abhijit Avasthi, ECD, Ogilvy, India

If you can tell me the idea in a sentence, please don't make a three-minute case study video to bore me into understanding.-Scott McClelland, ECD BBH Asia Pacific


Beside "dancing babies" you mean? Well, we’d like to propose a ban on the use of agency-people-doubling-down-as-comedians looking amazed while a "hidden" camera film them during a stunt at the local train station…Rule Number 1 of our New World: If the "case study videos" took longer and more money to make than the idea itself, you should probably rethink why you're doing this job.   -- François Grouiller, group strategy director at Fred & Farid Group


Case studies that are more creative than the idea behind the campaign. Male domination of juries.  There needs to be more women - on juries and in conferences. –- Remi Babinet, Chairman, Founder, BETC Paris




Formulaic case studies with exaggerated results need to disappear because there are only so many ideas that can change the world for millions, be world firsts and exceed all targets by 4,000% every year. And sometimes a simple funny and entertaining idea is just fine. –Justin Drape, Co-founder, CCO, The Monkeys, Sydney


Ford India Fake Ad
Ford India Fake Ad

As always, work that isn't legit. –Elspeth Lynn, Executive Creative Director, M&C Saatchi






Trying to claim world's first to do this or that.—Mayan, aka Lo Sheung Yan, Chairman of Asia Pacific Creative Council, JWT Shanghai



Excluding technologists from the creative concepting process should be a thing of the past. Innovation comes from the intersection of creativity and technology. The most awarded work at Cannes in the past few years, Nike Chalkbot and Nike Fuelband, came from this intersection of creativity and technology. What will be the breakthrough innovation at Cannes in 2013?–Chloe Gottlieb VP/ECD, R/GA New York


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