Future Lions Announces 2013 Winners

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A challenge for Amazon, an all-in-one magazine and three other brilliant ideas were the winners of the 2013 Future Lions, announced Thursday in Cannes by ad agency AKQA.

The agency's co-founder and chief creative officer, James Hilton and its founder and CEO, Ajaz Ahmed, hosted the ceremony, which honors student ideas created for brands without any constraints of media, technology or audience. This year, the eighth installment of the Future Lions, which is also Cannes Festival's official student showcase, saw more than 1,500 entries coming in from all over the world.

"Awaken by Amazon," by a group of Japanese students, was one of the year's winners. The project was aimed at helping increase literacy in India, by using Amazon books. The idea was to collect the books that go unused in developed countries from customers, who could send the tomes using the boxes their purchases came in. it was developed by Tokyo Institute of Technology's Konomi Tashiro, Keio University's Tatsuki Tatara, Kenji Shimo and Taichi Nihei and Waseda University's Tomoki Hayashida.

Alexander Norling and Sara Uhelski, of the Miami Ad School in San Francisco won for "Editorialist," which recognized that sometimes, you may like a bit of one magazine, and a bit of another -- so why not put them all together?

The Creative Circus' Jarrett Jamison and Verenice Lopez sought to ease your commute with "Project Accel." Created for IBM, the idea was for the app to act as a sort of air traffic controller. Upon installation, the app learns where work, home or school is, then directs traffic according to the drivers' needs.

Change (the monetary kind) isn't always a good thing. Miami Ad School Hamburg's Aljandro Ladeveze and Caroline Escobar developed "Keepit," a way for NFC-enabled vendors -- like certain vending machines -- to give you back your change not in coin-form, but via your mobile phone. "Keepit" would transfer the money into a place of your choosing, whether that's your bank account, Google Wallet or Paypal.

Thomas Bender and Thomas Corcoran also won for The Pebble: Sense Danger, a utility for the Pebble smartwatch that made sure that deaf people -- usually more vulnerable to break-ins, fires or CO2 leaks because they can't hear the alarms -- were able to stay safe. Sense Danger hooked up the alarms to the Pebble, which vibrated on the users' arms, thus alerting them to any problem.

The Future Lions also awarded School of the Year to Niklas Frings-Rupp, Managing Director of Miami Ad School Europe in Hamburg, which won for the third year in a row.

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