OK Go's Damian Kulash: Brands Easier to Work With Than Record Labels

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Advertising Age and Creativity recently sat down with OK Go's lead singer Damian Kulash, who attended this year's Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity to announce the winner of his band's music video challenge during Saatchi & Saatchi's annual New Directors Showcase.

Here, he shared his thoughts on what goes into smart partnerships between brands and talents in the entertainment space, as well as on who makes the better partner--brands or record labels.

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"As a band it's a lot easier to work with brands and marketing agencies than record labels," he said -- echoing Lou Reed's recent Cannes commentary about advertising and music. "Because record labels, they know what they want a band to be doing. They want a band to be making these very particular types of things."

"Whereas brands, generally, if you find the right relationships, they want the same things you do," he added. "What we want is maximum engagement with our fans."

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