Creativity Awards Report 2011

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Whatever your view on the ultimate relevance of awards, they make for a handy snapshot of the ad industry's creative output over a given period. And they also help to elucidate the direction in which creativity is evolving. Creativity's Annual Awards Report is a rundown of the most award-winning people, brands, agencies, networks and campaigns over the last season, for the industry's biggest shows.

In 2011, Wieden + Kennedy proved to be the dominant force. Its Portland office pulled a huge repeat, topping the list of most awarded agencies, thanks to its highly celebrated work for Old Spice, Chrysler and Levi's. Runner up was its fellow Wieden shop in Amsterdam, home to this year's most awarded overall campaign, Nike's "Write the Future." BBDO remained on top as well, once again claiming the honor of most awarded network, thanks to stellar performances from offices like AlmapBBDO and BBDO, New York.

Read more for a general overview of the 2011 awards year, and for deeper insight into the year's winners and a more comprehensive look at the 2011 awards season, check out the 2011 Awards Report White Paper, which includes all the winners lists and an index of what work won at each show, with links to view the work, as well as a look at the most significant trends reflected in this year's most celebrated creative ideas.

Awards Report Methodology: Creativity compiles results from the seven most significant awards shows: ADC, AICP, ANDYS, Cannes, Clios, D&AD, and One Show. Companies and people are credited with award wins in every category at all the included shows. Advertiser totals represent wins for all brands. Production company totals represent wins for all of that company's offices. The lists here reflect "cooked" scores, where each award is weighted according to its level of preciousness. Different weights are assigned to Gold, Silver, Bronze and Best of Show/Grand Prix Awards. The lists represent the top 10 most winning agencies, agency networks, advertisers, creative directors, writers, art directors, directors, production companies and campaigns (including ties).

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