Inside the Radio Jury: For Listening to Ads, a Room With a View

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At Cannes, everyone's focused on what won -- which campaign, which agency, what the tallies are for the various holding companies and countries. But before there's a winner, there's a jury. Ad Age is taking you inside the voting room through exit interviews with various jurors. Today, Laurence Klinger, exec VP-chief creative officer of Lapiz, Leo Burnett's Chicago-based U.S. Hispanic agency, emailed us about what went on in the radio jury room.

Laurence Klinger

What did you eat?
We ate a mixture of French and Mediterranean food. Surprisingly good for a jury room. Plus, we had a great room with a view to the bay instead of the usual dark basement.

Over which campaign was there the most debate?
As the days went by, there was more and more debate, but under a great spirit of cooperation and a desire to reward the very best work and avoid injustices. There was a long discussion about the Grand Prix. There were three favorites, all good. We chose the Mercedes campaign from South Africa because it was so surprising, unexpected, fresh and the writing reminded us of the best contemporary literature -- simple and complex at the same time.

What is your advice for next year's jurors?
If I could offer some advice for future radio jurors, it would be: Try to really understand the spot you're listening to. They come in all languages, and although you are provided with a translation and a brief explanation, you need the cultural context to really appreciate it and score it with justice. Don't be afraid to ask questions.

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