Former Crispin Creative Seeks to Reunite Zoo Rhino with its Favorite Toy

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Self-confessed "animal person" Mark Moll, a former CD at Leo Burnett and CP&B and ECD at R/GA, is on a mission. And it has nothing to do with advertising.

Mr. Moll is out to reunite a rhino at Chicago's Lincoln Park Zoo with its "favorite stick," which fell over the fence that rings the rhino's enclosure about six months ago. Mr. Moll and his wife have written to the Zoo on Facebook to put the stick back so the rhino could have its toy back, with no results.

He's hoping the simple poster below will help. The bottom picture on the poster was taken about six months ago, and Mr. Moll said he knew that the rhino "enjoyed playing with the stick. . .The funny thing is the stick is right now literally just out of reach of the rhino. Sometimes, the small things in life are the most important."

Update: The rhino has been reunited with the stick. The Lincoln Park Zoo said this in response to a query from Creativity: "Our animal care experts took a look, and they've placed the log back in the yard. The rhinos enjoy a robust daily enrichment schedule, though, so it'll be an open question how much attention "the stick" gets.

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