Project Runway, The Martin Agency Edition

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Martin Agency staffers aspire to more than just great advertising. We suspect that tucked into their desk drawers are not just movie scripts and novels, but also shears, patterns and thread. Or so it seems from this Project Runway-style contest the agency held to get its team's creative juices flowing.

For its 2012 end of the year meeting, the agency launched its own fashion challenge, and asked teams to come up with two outfits, one based on the concept of "Good," the other, on "Tough," two ideas it believes represent the shop's approach and point of view, on many levels--for example, "Good to each other, tough on the work. Good place to stay, tough place to leave."

Contestants were free to work with the materials of their choice, but were limited to a budget of only $75. The winners, chosen by a 50/50 vote between a group of judges and the audience, would receive two tickets to N.Y.'s fashion week. Check out scenes from The Martin Agency Fashion Show below.

The winning looks came from Team WTF, aka Senior Production Business Manager Amy Trenz and Integrated Producer Dwight Loew. Their two dresses were inspired by client BF Goodrich and incorporated the imprint of the brand's tire as well as upcycled tire materials.

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