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Sparking Up a Fatty

So we should all refrain from creating anti-crack, anti-smack, anti-meth, etc. advertising because the federal government's policies on medicinal marijuana are a tad draconian? (Letter from the Editor, July/August.) Interesting theory. I remember a time (and since I'm only 27, that time was probably yesterday) when we harangued fellow ad folk for selling beer and cigarettes to kids. Now you're admonishing them for exposing the dangers of illicit drugs. Certainly, the use and legality of medicinal marijuana is an important issue, worthy of debate. But connecting the death of Peter McWilliams with the creatives behind anti-drug advertising is tenuous at best, insulting in the least and a dangerous knee-jerk reaction at worst. Maybe I'm naive. Maybe the Partnership for a Drug-Free America is in cahoots with the CIA and the country's ophthalmologists, oppressing glaucoma patients across the land. Yet if that's true, Mr. van Bakel offers no proof. No, he simply makes a blanket, one-sentence indictment of a group of fellow writers and art directors who deserve better. So until I see an ad from the PDFA admonishing cancer victims for sparking up a fatty, I'll save my own self-righteous venom for another cause and another day.

Jason Fox

Associate Creative Director/Chief Malcontent _Bernstein-Rein Advertising, Kansas City

DARE Not to Do Partnership Ads

Thank you for the courage to speak out against the endless propaganda from the Partnership for a Drug-Free America. I find it interesting that the folks who promise us a drug-free country can't even deliver a drug-free maximum-security prison. The Partnership and the Office for National Drug Control Policy have spent billions on their crusade. They've ensured that two generations of kids have watched clever anti-drug commercials on TV, and that these children attended the DARE program. Using its taxpayer-funded war chest, the ONDCP influenced the content of TV shows, films and magazine articles. On the law-enforcement front, the War on Drugs has brought about the imprisonment of hundreds of thousands of non-violent drug users, destroying families, and, in the case of Peter McWilliams and thousands of others, causing suffering and even death. What's the result? Twice as many high school seniors tried illegal drugs last year than did in 1981, when all this started. Mr. Van Bakel is right. We need to start looking seriously at alternatives to this failed policy of drug prohibition. The powerful influence of advertising should be used to further this goal, not to lend support to the PDFA and this country's misguided drug policy.

Nicolas Eyle


Syracuse, N.Y.

Punctuation Plan

The plan you are on obviously limits the number of apostrophes you are entitled to in any one month. It was apparent in the September issue when you ran out, relatively early, on page 29. I, on the other hand, have a plan that allows me to carry over any unused apostrophes into the following month. That month then carries over to the next, ad infinitum, resulting in my currently being awash in apostrophes. In case you are unable to find a character provider with a plan such as mine in time for next month's issue, I am sending you my unused August inventory.

Carl Regenhardt, President

Regenhardt Advertising, Lutz, Fla.

Due to a production mishap that occurred after those pages had been proudly proofed a total of six times, our quotemarks, apostrophes and em-dashes went AWOL on the entire "Clients" feature as well as the stories that jumped to page 39. We've dipped the responsible production guy in hot lead while forcing him to listen to Frank Zappa's "Apostrophe," and he spontaneously promised it will never happen again. -Ed.

Oh Sh*t

In the Guest Review last month, we attributed the "Truth" anti-tobacco campaign to Crispin Porter & Bogusky. The campaign is the work of Alliance, a creative partnership between Crispin and Arnold Communications. -Ed.

Quick Cut

Best Use of "A Tall Frosty Glass of Butt-Pucker" in a Headline goes to Lancair high performance aircraft for, "Ladies and gentleman, on today's flight we'll be serving a tall frosty glass of butt-pucker with an adrenaline back." We're thirsty already, Lancair, but can we have a tongue sandwich with that?


"I hate advertising. I'm serious. It's a manipulative, dishonest endeavor at its heart. And that's why what we're trying to do is execute it in a way that has less to do with manipulation and more with sharing. I think that's where creative people come from. They just want to share something - turn somebody on."

- Dan Wieden

Quick Cut

Houston, we haven't got a problem: Hello, NASA? Why does it take a com-pany like Candies to mount some enthusiasm for the space shuttle program? Can't you put a little more payload in the cargo bay and maybe push the zero-grav fun thing a little harder? Thanks.

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