10 Weird Facts About Adland's Creatives

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Ever since Creativity began a weekly series to uncover the wacky personal habits and histories of some of the advertising world's luminaries, we've been blown away by just how unique ad people can be. Below, we pick 10 of the strangest facts we've discovered.

1. William Gelner of 180, Los Angeles can do a pretty great belly roll. He often breaks this skill out during parties.

2. PJ Pereira of Pereira & O'Dell has a bad ass wife who saved his life -- through human kindness. He and his wife were driving to the theater on a regular Sunday night when two armed men pointed a gun at him, took their credit cards and drove them to a dark alley, where they separated he and his now-spouse. While Mr. Pereira tried to figure out what to do, two blocks away, his wife asked her captor why he was coughing. Upon hearing he had pneumonia, she gave him her coat. He was so touched, he let them both go. "That same night, staring at the ceiling and thinking I could have died before I had a chance to live so many things, I proposed to her," he said.

3. Rei Inamoto of AKQA has a very predictable iPhone camera roll. He's obsessed with the ocean and takes pictures of it whenever he gets a chance. "My iPhoto album is filled with them," he said. "They all look the same."

4. Crispin Porter & Bogusky's Rob Reilly is obsessed with chairs. Around his house, you'll find every corner filled with some type of chair. Why? He doesn't know, except that he started loving chairs when an old friend's furniture landed up in Mr. Reilly's New York studio. His favorite chair is Arne Jacobsen's 1958 "Swan Chair." In his house, however, the ratio remains even, with four chairs to each table.

5. Goodby's Margaret Johnson sees some pretty crazy things when driving. So many, that she started a blog about them. One of the entries is about a woman driving on Highway 101 wearing oven mitts.

6. Linus Karlsson of McCann loves slow-walking -- where you walk really slowly with someone you want to chat with.

7. Glenn Cole of 72andSunny loves Harry Potter. He even, coincidentally, has a scar shaped like a lightning bolt on his forehead.

8. Lisa Bennett of DDB might have kissed Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears. We're not sure how far it went, but she played "Spin the Bottle" with both pop stars once.

9. R/GA's Bob Greenberg once lied to a customs official who thought he was Larry David ("Curb Your Enthusiasm.") When the officer requested an autograph, Mr. Greenberg obliged, signing, "Have a great life, Larry."

10. La Comunidad's Jose Molla may have survived a shark attack, but that isn't the craziest thing that has happened to him. A psychic saw his future, describing to Mr. Molla a meeting with a "grey-haired and bearded mystery man" who would push his international career. Eight years later, during an interview with Dan Wieden, Mr. Molla realized she was right.

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