The 2006 YouTube Awards

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Whether you see the existence of awards for YouTube videos as a natural evolution for an emerging medium or simply the 467th sign of the apocalypse, there's no denying that the online video has quickly become an influential player in this amorphous clubhouse called "media."
In any case, YouTube Awards were announced Monday with seven winners emerging from the massive five-day online voting effort by YouTubers worldwide. Sadly, there was no televised (online or elsewhere) gala event, gathering all the interweb stars together in one room with a charming host and musical guests. Ah well, maybe next year.
Here are the winners:

Most Creative: OK Go Here It Goes Again
Tough to argue with 50 kajillion views and one foot-tapper of a song.

Most Inspirational: Free Hugs
Given the concept–beared dude offering free hugs to strangers–this could've easily turned into a Most Creepy candidate, but this pulls it off with very few cringe incidents.

Best Series: Ask a Ninja
It's no secret why ninjas are so popular and this series carries the warrior's storied tradition in a new direction on the information superhighway.

Best Comedy: Smosh Short 2: Stranded
Youngsters Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox are the brains behind Smosh, which according to YouTube sources is the number two most-subscribed channel on YouTube–of all time. Which in YouTube time is, like, what? A year? Still, pretty impressive.

Best Music: Terranaomi Say It's Possible
L.A.-based Terra Naomi has done what pretty much every hondo with a camera has tried to do with YouTube–parlayed it into real-life success. Once a struggling singer-songwriter, Naomi can thank her YouTubing (and, presumably, talent) for landing her a record deal with Island Records.

Best Commentary: The Winekone Hotness Prevails
Enter the world of this rambling, ranting Canuck and be entertained on a variety of subjects. This is stream-of-consciousness gibberish of the (sort of) highest order.

Most Adorable Video: Kiwi!
Slick animation and a great concept is part of what makes this tragicomedy (or is it comedragic?) so damn cute.
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