2007's Up. Who's Most Viewed?

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2007's in the books, so here are the 10 most viewed items from each of our principal disciplines: TV/Video, Print/Design and Interactive. We're counting them down, culminating on Thursday, January 2 with the #1 pieces of work. Consider it an Advent calendar, but filled with things much more satisfying (and less fattening) than chocolate bits.

Coming in at #10, is Skittles "Stable", Pepsi "Surfer" and HP:"What Do You Have To Say?".

The #9 spot belongs to a trio fraught with destruction and fright: the wartorn new Mombasa battlefield in Halo/Xbox 360 "Believe," Sony PS3's ghoulish youngsters and Stanley's full-scale destructomatic, the Fubar.

Number eight sees Nike's biggest spot of the year, "Leave Nothing," Nokia's holiday lighting extravaganza, "Unity" and Orange's magical, regenerating website "Good Things Should Never End" assume their rightful places on the countdown.

In the seventh spot are a trio of provocative pieces of work. First off it's the third installment of Neill Blomkamp's Halo 3 live action Combat films, a popularity in part, we're sure, fueled by the rumors Blomkamp's still working on Halo-related things down in New Zealand. From the Print/Design camp we've got Annie Leibovitz's portrait of Mikhail Gorbachev for Louis Vuitton, which stealthily includes a comment on the poisoning of Andrei Litvinenko. Last, but not least, nude portraiture and vodka combine (no wonder you liked that one) in Christiania Vodka's Christi Naked site.

Sixth place brings Stella's new old school online home, a celebration of goodness (well, white lies, really) and the complexities of the female form for Lifesavers and a gutted whale. Yeah, we couldn't really make a good connection between those three, either.

Opening up the top five is Fallon and B-Reel's recursion into Oz for the Sci-Fi Channel, "Onslaught," from Ogilvy and Dove and Starbucks' holiday illustration campaign in the Print/Design category.

Fourth place sees work from Volkswagen, taking the New Wave approach with "Safety Dance," Eden Wasabi Chips' Photoshop spectacular (talk about how to get ahead in advertising) and Office Max's updated version of Elf Yourself.

Kicking off the top three of our most viewed of '07 is Sony's colorful Stones-sampling "Play-Doh" spot promoting its Bravia LCD product. In print, the American Red Cross confronts our lack of earthquake preparation with its series of "What Do We Have to Do to Get Your Attention?" ads, while Swedish agency FarFar secretly launched its own judgement day with "070829," a shape-shifting, black-coated site promoting the release date of Nokia's new N81 mobile device.

The penultimate group of most-viewed includes a drum-thumping gorilla devised by Fallon, London that rocks out for Cadbury, a lower back-tattooed display spot for TLC's London Ink launch and Forsman & Bodenfors' new Dream Kitchens reveal for IKEA.

Our countdown comes to a close with the top-viewed work of 2007, including a Midas-touched 60-second spot for Skittles, an uplifting, so-to-speak, print ad from Adidas and AKQA's web contribution to 07's inescapable Halo 3 campaign.

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