Five Creative Ways Schools Are Attracting Higher Ed Students to its Classrooms

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Peru's University of Engineering and Technology
To showcase the smarts of those educated at Peru's University of Engineering and Technology, the school tapped its students and MayoPublicidad DraftFCB to create a billboard that produced water out of air, literally, for a community lacking a decent H20 supply. The contraption pulled H20 from the atmospheric humidity to create potable water for the town's citizens.

Singapore University of Technology
In order to attract female students, Singapore's University of Technology released a testosterone-fueled tale showing how one woman's invention -- the Kevlar bulletproof vest -- has gone on to save many lives.

Australia's Central Institue of Technology
The category's not exactly known for creating viral hits, but that's exactly what Australia's Central Institute of Technology produced last year with the hilarious two-minute film, "It's a Snap," starring comedy/directing duo Henry Inglis and Aaron McCann. The two make use of the clever conceit of finger-snapping to showcase the school's various perks, in fun yet progressively disturbing ways.

University of Phoenix Some schools have tailored their messages to speak specifically to the types of minds they want to attract. For example, a few years ago, Pereira & O'Dell created a series of ads for University of Phoenix that only spoke to soldiers. The ads ran in military publications and, more importantly, were composed entirely in Morse code. Only those with the proper skills could read them.

Cornell NYC Tech
Agency Sullivan NYC created another cryptic set of ads to promote the new grad school to entrepreneurial technologists. Posters and digital banners featured programming language against a black terminal-like background, decipherable by only the type of tech minds the school hopes to attract.


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