'80s Band Survivor Stars in Starbucks Ad

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Survivor follows Glen to the office.
The members of the band Survivor star in a new commercial for Starbucks, providing the musical equivalent of a pre-packaged DoubleShot with a personalized version of their Rocky III anthem "Eye of the Tiger." The commercial -- from Fallon/N.Y. and Biscuit Filmworks' director Noam Murro -- opens on a man in his kitchen drinking a DoubleShot. Suddenly, he hears his name being chanted -- "Glen. Glen Glen Glen." -- and the camera cuts to show Survivor in his living room. The entire band then follows him to work, encouraging him in his dream to become "supervisor" -- a handy rhyme for "tiger."

"Nobody makes music that pumps you up like they did," says Fallon ECD Ari Merkin of the decision to use Survivor as way of depicting Starbucks' "liquid motivation." "So the band wasn't just the inspiration for the idea, they practically were the idea. We felt that the nostalgia for '80s hair bands wouldn't be lost on our target."

In a second spot, a woman takes a break with a pre-packaged Frappuccino while being serenaded by a doo-wop band, whose members make sure she isn't disturbed by bustling co-workers.

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