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G4TV 'Karaoke'
G4TV 'Karaoke'
Charlie Murphy as Mr. Spock sings karaoke to Bobby Brown's "My Prerogative." He brings James T., voiced by Craig Kilborn, his tall latte ("Yeah white boy, it's non-fat") and whines about the weak Wi-Fi signal. It's Star Trek, updated stop-motion style by 72andSunny for its collaboration on G4's latest show, Star Trek 2.0. 72andSunny helped with the show's concept and created the spots as well as the interactive portion, "The Spock Market," where viewers trade items and characters while the show airs in an online scenario resembling fantasy sports—but nerdier. Bryan Rowles, art director at 72andSunny, says, "The center of gravity relies on that there is an online component to it," Rowles says. "It makes it a new take on a show that they're going to re-air. In terms of production it was mostly me in front of straight-faced animators, dancing and making facial expressions, asking 'Can Spock do the running man when he goes into Bobby Brown?'" The modernization—Wi-Fi and cell phones, Spock in "Pool" listening to his iPod—is designed to draw viewers far removed from the original series into trekdom.

This isn't the first time a venerable sci-fi series has seen stop-motion recreation—Star Wars action figures have been cast to save the empire in a bevy of spoofs. A Vulcan Charlie Murphy at the coffee shop saying "I can't attend my business without no damn signal" is what's unique. "Charlie really was into it, it was one of those things where you could go with a Spock-a-like, or [something] totally different," Rowles says. "Charlie Murphy with that voice makes it totally different."
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