Absolut, Chiat/Day Salute Bollywood

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Absolut: The mullet explained.
In a new global cinema spot -- which will air practically everywhere except the U.S. -- Absolut Vodka and TBWA/Chiat/Day/New York manage to pay tribute to Bollywood musicals and explain the origin of the loathed mullet haircut, all in one fell swoop. Mulit, the latest of five Absolut Pictures movie trailers created since 1998, tells the tale of a hairdresser in Bombay who falls in love with the Prime Minister's daughter. She is forbidden from seeing Mulit by her father, but she defies him and asks the hairdresser to shave off all her hair. Before he's through, however, he's thrown in jail and his lover is left with an incomplete haircut, which comes to be known as the Mulit.

Previous Absolut Pictures trailers have been directed by Spike Lee, Sam Raimi and Tarsem. Mulit was shot on location in India by Ivan Zacharias via U.S. production company Smuggler.

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