Ad Age and Creativity Pick YouTube's Best Ads (or At Least 20 of Them)

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At Ad Age, we're usually focused on whether YouTube can turn itself into a profitable advertising business for Google and a useful one for brands. Today, though, we're appreciating YouTube's role in changing the face of advertising itself.

No more are TV ads simply foisted on the public. Increasingly, brands and agencies are focusing less on what is being skipped on TV and more on creating ads people really want to watch. YouTube is a daily referendum on the world's video, and increasingly ads are part of that mix. Not only do ads build TV-sized audiences on YouTube, these are audiences that actively seek out the content, giving brands incredible engagement with consumers.

So check out our blog post on YouTube's Biz Blog and sit back and enjoy our playlist at You can also view the aggregated list on Ad Age's YouTube Channel.

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