Adidas, Skittles, Microsoft's Halo 3 Nab Most Viewed

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The stats have all been read and re-read, the order determined and the days crossed off—we counted down the top 10 Most Viewed work items on the site from 2007 and we're finally at the top spot.

Catch a recap of the coundown here if you want, but we'd like to dote on the three big items for a moment. Skittles' biggest spot of the year, "Touch," ran away with the TV/Video category, amassing more than twice as many views as the runner up, Cadbury's "Gorilla." As we said when we first got our hands on it, "Of course we feel for Tim's burden but it's not until the spot's clattering denouement that we realize how hilarious tragedy and rage can be." Halo 3-mania has is evident in the countdown, with two of the game's elements, the main TVC and one of director Neill Blomkamp's three live action installments making the cut. But the website, the top Interactive item, is a whole different beast. Just ask anyone sitting at home who had the courage to surf to the site once they caught the broadcast spot and spent the next hour of their life zooming through the battlefield of New Mombasa. Executed with craftsmanship, rigor and style, all involved deserve a hearty pat on the back. To discuss this article, visit the Creativity Forums.
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