Adobe Gets Creative with Mind-Blowing Website

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Adobe "Creative Mind"
Ever wondered what the mind of a designer looks like...from the inside? Adobe indulges that curiosity with the Creative Mind website, a free-flowing, whimsical animated experience that shows off the new capabilities of the Adobe Creative Suite 2.3 software package within the abstract framework of a designer's mental universe. "We had two rules for developing the site: speak to designers in their own language, and make something we'd actually want to spend time exploring," says copywriter Spencer Riviera of Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, which joined forces with London-based digital production studio Unit9 to bring this digital head trip to life. "That led us to create a more abstract experience without a traditional structure or navigation. Once we made that leap of logic—or, rather, away from logic—anything and everything became possible."

Free from the constraints of typical web design, the site allows visitors to seamlessly transition between any of three different mini-worlds, each boasting an intricate and highly interactive environment filled with quirky characters, amusing animations and hidden content—including video testimonials from creatives in various fields who consider Adobe Creative Suite an indispensable part of their creative process. "Some of the characters and elements are inspired by the pre-existing work of the Adobe customers featured on the site," says art director Mark Sikes. "And the environments themselves are visual interpretations of qualities inherent to the creative process: intuition (natural world), curiosity (fire/liquid world) and productivity (machine-like world)."
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