Alex Bogusky: A Career in Review

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Alex Bogusky has said goodbye to MDC. Take a look back at a handful of the creative feats upon which he built his career. Check out a broader survey of the work here.

What do you think was his most notable accomplishment to date? Post your thoughts in the comments section below.

Recent Hits

Best Buy Twelpforce
Recently awarded the Titanium Grand Prix at Cannes.

Hulu "Alec in Huluwood"
Instant classic.

Coke Zero "Facial Profiler"

Burger King: Arguably, his more famous client.

Simpsonize Me
You've all done it.

King Games
Advertising became product when Crispin teamed with developer Blitz games to launch this trio of Xbox games titles from the BK universe, featuring the King and a cast of other characters. The games retailed at $3.99 with the purchase of a Value Meal and by early 2007, estimates put sales at 3.2 million units.

Wake Up With the King

More on the King

Even without the King, history is made:

Whopper Sacrifice

Subservient Chicken

Whopper Freakout

Whopper Virgins

The Fight

Dominos: Another Fast-food Turnaround

Your pie, your way.

The stuff of history

MINI "Counterfeit MINIs": Just one in a groundbreaking series.

Volkswagen: More Auto Action
Like: A winning close call.

Everyone, meet Helga.

Method "Come Clean"
One of the agency's earlier digital masterpieces

Ikea "Lamp"
Years later, still feeling sorry for that lamp. The Grand Prix-winning spot, directed by Spike Jonze.

Truth "Singing Cowboy"
One of Crispin's most famous spots from the long-running Truth campaign, created with Arnold.

Orville Redenbacher "Digital Music"
A strange move, but generated lots of buzz. Crispin teamed with director David Fincher to bring the patron of popcorn back from the dead.

Bogusky does good
Check out more details here.

Green Garage: The Man himself is an investor.

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