Animatic House Goes Guerilla

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Cap TV, a Manhattan-based production house that specializes in animatics and test commercials, has launched a telephone campaign to attract business. But they're not making any calls. Instead, the shop has strategically leased outdoor space on the public telephones outside several prominent ad agencies. According to Cap TV director of production Matt Dessner, the posters -- which feature the word "Animatics" in large, eye-grabbing type -- operate on the element of surprise. "It's amazing how many people notice these things," he says. "If you're in the business, you know the word 'Animatics.' And if you see it on a phone booth, you want to see what the hell it's about."

The shop landed six prime locations for it ads, real estate adjacent to J. Walter Thompson, Bates, and Saatchi & Saatchi, among others. Cap TV even went out of its way to tweak the competition with an ad posted on a phone booth outside of production and design house Charlex. "We're getting some nice response, so we're going to stay put for awhile," Dessner says. "The hardest part is finding a location that's available that's right for you."

One prime target, however, was surpised to learn about Cap TV's attempts to woo him. Asked about the ads, Saatchi head of production -- and sometime Cap TV client -- David Perry says, "I guess I haven't seen that telephone booth."

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