Apple Snags Magnetosphere

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Magnetosphere, a visualizer created as part of The Barbarian Group's Software division, has been sold to Apple and is included as the main visualizer in iTunes 8.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs introduced the new iTunes software, which includes HD TV downloads and new playlisting features along with a new iPod Nano today at the "Let's Rock" event in San Francisco.

Magnetosphere made its entrance in May 2007, and is widely credited as the brainchild of Barbarian co-founder Robert Hodgin. Built using Processing, the visualizer quickly became a popular download, with the page becoming the top result for the company in Google.

The Barbarian Group was unable to comment regarding the number of downloads to date or the terms of the software's sale to Apple, but confirmed the inclusion in iTunes. The software has been downloaded over 11,000 times on Cnet's

Digg co-founder Kevin Rose initially described the new visualizer and subsequently confirmed the rumors, claiming he saw an early version of Magnetosphere at work prior to the new iTunes unveiling this afternoon.
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