Atlas: Loinclothed Doer of Deeds

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Atlas Rich Media - 'The Vision'
Atlas Rich Media - 'The Vision'
Move over, Brawny man. AdCritic's got a new piece of moist, sweet ol' beefcake. To tout aQuantive's Atlas Rich Media division Seattle's Wexley School for Girls sculpted Atlas, the god of Rich Media, who quests through the forests of the Pacific Northwest in search, of, well, it's hard to say. The three spots are being rolled out individually in Atlas Rich Media's client-targeted e-zine. "The Vision," "The Quest" and "The Glory" follow our hero, who in real life, says Cal McAllister, creative director at Wexley, is "a personal trainer, a friend's hairdresser's husband who's never acted before. I don't know that he'd have time to act, because it looks like all he does is lift weights." Atlas gambols through the forest and does good deeds—but what the hell does he have to do with opportunities in expanding banner ads? "The goal was to do some branded entertainment to show that Atlas was more than capable at rich media opportunities," says McAllister. "We wanted to create something intriguing; hopefully by the third [installment] people would be psyched and want to follow the activity of this insanely hot man."
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