Audi, Bowie Market Mash-Ups

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Old and new Bowie.
On the heels of a recent Audi commercial featuring a blend of the David Bowie tracks "Rebel, Rebel" and "Never Gonna Get Old," the carmaker is giving away an Audi TT to the person who creates the best mix of old and new Bowie tracks. The original Bowie "mash-up" -- created by L.A.'s Endless Noise for the McKinney + Silver commercial "Progressions" -- was followed by the release earlier this week of a mix of the same two tracks by British mash-up artist Mark Vidler, with the title "Rebel Never Gets Old."

Now, far from discouraging a trend that has led to copyright dust ups -- most notably surrounding the underground distribution of the Beatles/Jay-Z mash-up The Grey Album -- Bowie and Audi are turning it over to the fans and soliciting mixes of any old Bowie tune with any song off his new album Reality. Voting began today on the first round of compositions and will continue until May 27. The winner, as judged by the Thin White Duke himself, will win the car.

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