AWNY Puts Ads in Their Place, Admen in Dresses

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Admen in drag talk about women in advertising.
An in-house spot for Sirius Satellite Radio starring Pam Anderson was pinned with the Grand Ugly TV prize Thursday night at the Good, Bad & Ugly Awards, the Advertising Women of New York's annual accounting of representations of women in advertising. The ad, which depicts Ms. Anderson doing her best impression of a human car wash shammy was hardly the most startling spectacle of the night, however. In addition to the raunchy comedy stylings of the event's host, Susie Essman from Curb Your Enthusiasm, the GBU audience was treated to a seven-minute film featuring advertising's biggest admen dressed in very rough drag. The film was created by TBWA/Chiat/Day and directed by Believe Media's Nanette Burstein (The Kid Stays in the Picture) as a commentary on the dearth of women in the industry's top creative ranks. In it, creative heavyweights like Lee Clow, Steve Hayden, Gerry Graf, Ty Montague, Kevin Roddy, Jeff Kling and Mark Fenske -- their gender poorly concealed by camp wigs and heavy eye shadow -- talk about the hardships of being female creative directors.

Additional Ugly TV award winners were cited for their portrayals of women as either sexual objects or addled hausfraus. Jeers went to Labatt Blue Light's "Tube Top," Arm & Hammer's "Fresh Obsession," a Beck's spot featuring a girl-girl touching scene, "Summer Orchard" for P&G's Bounce, and, bafflingly, Gillette's "That Feeling" Super Bowl spot. The Grand Ugly for print went to the Cannes Grand Prix-winning "Rebirth" for Sony Playstation.

The Grand Good prize for TV went to MasterCard's "Pickle Jar," which depicts a woman easily opening a jar after her partner is seen struggling with it. Good TV citations also went to Adidas' "Laila" and "Wakeup Call," Nike's "Marla," Budweiser's "Who Would You?," Bud Light's "Cedric-Bikini Wax," AOL's "Elle McPherson," and others. The Grand Good in print was a tie between an ad for P&G's and Brooks Sports' "Brigitte Majorino." --Teressa Iezzi

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