B-Reel goes Open Source to Standardize Digital and Integrated Production

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Digital RFP Checklist
Digital RFP Checklist

Today, integrated production company B-Reel released Stndrd_, an open source attempt to address a much-awaited industry need, standards and practices for digital and integrated production.

Stndrd_ features a digital RFP checklist, a delineation of the digital production process as well as a wiki. The site will update tools for production partners and clients based on the wiki feedback from the industry, and will be made available as downloadable pdfs.

"With more standards we would all save so much time," says B-Reel CEO Anders Wahlquist. As it stands now, "agencies have well developed templates and knowledge for film. There you have elaborate bid sheets, but never in interactive.The bid sheet at stndrd_ is based on things we found are good to have and extra eye on. Then again, the goal is for it to be used as a supportive document. And it's a wiki, it should be developed together. The bidsheet should be used as a support developing the RFP. Today, we get all kinds all kinds of briefs."

As for the open source approach, "we just figured it would be easier for everybody to contribute via a wiki than by email or meetings. We kind of hope that would [lead] to getting balanced general terms, a unified view on the process and some good assets to use for producers. We think it will evolve in iterations as an ongoing thing, in smaller and smaller movements, with more and more focus," Wahlquist says. "Whenever there is a substantial addition, we'll add it to the bidsheet. We would welcome anyone to endorse it, add to it or to help in any way."

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