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Hi! Miss us? While you were stuffing your craw with leftovers and practicing your nap skills, we counted down the most-viewed work items on the site from 2008.

One overwhelming trait among popular items is politics. You all sure got het up about the issues. Five items were created for or in reference to the U.S. Presidential election, two were for news outlets CNN and The Economist and one was a controversial response to China's human rights record.

In TV/Video, a cautionary tale of wives enraged by bad gift giving, "Beware of the Doghouse," narrowly beat out Diesel's fun-for-the-whole-(well, over 18)-family sex romp; interpret that as you will, we see it as somehow apocalyptic. Both videos were runaway successes on the site, looming high above the rest of this year's top finishers. Two pieces of pseudo-meta content made the list, Apple's "Bean Counter," which snapped at Microsoft's ad spending while neglecting to note how much Jobs & Co. spend on those dancey iPod spots, and Activision's "Bike Hero," which posed as a user-generated piece of content and succeeded fooling tens of thousands, despite employing more complex visual effects.

1. JC Penney: Beware of the Doghouse
2. Diesel: SFW XXX
3. Wassup
4. Burger King: Whopper Virgins
5. Activision: Bike Hero
6. Nike Women: Nicola Sanders
7. Swedish Fish: Cat Sandwich
8. Radiohead: House of Cards
9. Jewish Council for Education & Research: The Great Schlep
10. Apple: Bean Counter

The Print/Design list sees many items from our weekly Rate The Ad reappearing, many, like top viewed item Pepsi Max "Noose" proving controversial.

1. Pepsi Max: Noose
2. Amnesty International: Swimming
3. Shepard Fairey: Vote!/Shepard Fairey: Hope
4. Pedigree: Obama
5. Zack and Miri Make a Porno: Movie Poster
6. Election 2008: Poop Signs
7. The Economist: Cheese Pizza Box
8. IKEA: 3-D Joy
9. Wonderbra: D to G Mosaic
10. ESPN: Desktop Football Field

In Interactive, our interactive company of the year the Barbarian Group turns in a commanding performance, with four of the top 10 items, Dove, CNN, Getty and Adobe.

1. Doritos: Hotel 626
2. Dove: Waking Up Hannah
3. RFSU: Miss Fiffi
4. Nokia: Somebody Else's Phone Website
5. Palin as President: Website Launch
6. Nintendo Wii: Wario Land - Shake It!
7. CNN: CNN T-Shirts
8. Samsung: The Photographic Adventures of Nick Turpin
9. Getty Images: Moodstream
10. Adobe: Photoshop Express
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