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Geico - 'Cavemen Trailer'
Geico - 'Cavemen Trailer'
The twisted (we mean this lovingly) subsection of society devoted to Geico's cavemen melted a little bit inside this week when a mock trailer made up of unused footage from both rounds of The Martin Agency's work for the insurance company surfaced on the web, revealing all manner of intrigue, love triangles, helicopters, angsty Neanderthals and retro glitz.

The leftovers were cobbled together with stock footage of South Beach to create a slight whiff of a plot, but mainly killer lines delivered by the group while lamping around town. Copywriter Joe Lawson says the trailer came about fairly accidentally. Geico typically releases a spot a month, and the trailer compiles elements of a newly shot quintet of spots alongside older footage. The montage was intended to sate caveman fans while new work rolls out. "Steve Humble, the head of broadcast, had the idea, to combine it all together in this music video. Most music videos don't have a clear narrative anyway," Lawson says. "It's not that we're assuming people are dying to know there are more spots, but we know from the mail we get there are people out there that care. If there is such a thing as a caveman advertising fan, at least it gives them something funny to look at." Lawson says editor Nick Wurz and producer Darbi Fretwell holed up and blended castoffs with stock to "try to make it as much like a Michael Mann film as possible."

The cavemen can't expect the Jamie Foxx treatment yet, but even C+-list celebrity has perks. The scene on the balcony is from a forthcoming spot set at a party, shot at the Hyatt on Sunset Strip in Los Angeles, the penthouse suite where, ironically, Little Richard—a star of Geico's recent celebrity campaign—once resided and Jim Morrison threatened to take a swan dive. The cavemen ventured downstairs to the hotel's swank lobby bar area during the Saturday night shoot and were mobbed as soon as they stepped out of the elevator. "They were swarmed. It was like being with celebrities. Everyone wanted pictures with the cavemen." Lawson, who once autographed a glossy as the Geico gecko for Alex van Halen, is glad that although hardcore fans are clicking on YouTube, the actual commercials released thus far, "Airport" and "Topic," are receiving more traffic. "When something that's actually selling something is doing better than entertainment, it's a good litmus test."
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