Banksy and fake meat invade the Village

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The somewhat anonymous and obsession-inspiring British street artist Banksy has set up his first official show in New York City: a processed meat meets pet shop. Eschewing his characteristic rat murals for the project, Banksy has created The Village Pet Store and Charcoal Grill, a showcase of animatronic foodstuffs, packaged meat products, pet supplies and a monkey watching Discovery Channel primate porn surrounded by ravaged pizza, an empty pack of Marlboro Lights and a crushed can of Bud. Extending his critique beyond food, the Greenwich Village installation also showcases a very convincing fake jaguar, napping on a branch and lazily swinging its tail in the storefront window. The view from inside, however, reveals that the "jaguar" is actually a fur coat and a hanging belt. The shop sells nothing--at least not yet. A pet shop "employee" says eventually some things will go on sale--and will welcome visitors daily until Halloween. Plus, if you bring the kiddies, they can take a ride on the mechanical dolphin swathed in a fishing net outside the shop. Take a look at the specimens on show at Banksy's little shop of satire, below.

The monkey breathes, scratches himself and follows the action onscreen with his eyes, with a discarded National Geographic in reach.

Fish sticks swim around a tank.

In the storefront window, chicken nugget chickies peck at fast food packaged BBQ sauce while one pre-fried nugget hatches amidst a pile of eggs. A decrepit menu board in view from the window boasts: "Spaghetti with Meat: $5.25."

A pearls-wearing bunny applies make-up and wiggles its nose at a medium rodent-sized vanity.

An ancient, molted Tweety Bird miserably swings in its cage.

Food-shaped chew toys, plastic fish tank seaweed and TV dinners can be found along the shop's walls.

Encased meats like hard salami, cocktail wieners and hot dogs occupy tanks with such amenities as a food bowl full of shriveled olives and a water bottle-like upended mustard container.

A sign outside entices foot traffic.

The Village Pet Shop and Charcoal Grill is located at 89 Seventh Avenue South in Lower Manhattan between West 4th and Bleecker and is open 10am-12am until October 31.
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