BBH and Smirnoff: We Be Country Clubbin'

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Smirnoff - 'Tea Partay'
Smirnoff - 'Tea Partay'
As the old joke goes, WASPs play golf so they can dress like pimps. And now, apparently, they sip tea so they can party like rap stars. In the latest viral from BBH/New York Chad and Buffy are sipping Smirnoff Raw Tea with their sweaters tied around their shoulders, and the trope of taking preppies and inserting them into funny situations rolls on. Given the brief, "tea with attitude," with the product set to launch this summer in the Northeast, creatives Matt Ian and Amee Shah didn't have to look far for their idea. Shah, art director on the spot, married a guy from preppy enclave Chestnut Hill, near Philadelphia; Ian, the copywriter, who penned the lyrics in an afternoon, grew up in Greenwich, Connecticut.

Hip hop credence (and production quality separating them from other white-people-rapping virals, such as "Lazy Sunday", which Ian and Shah say they hadn't seen when they thought up "Tea Partay") came from director Julien Christian Lutz, a.k.a. Lil' X, Mr. X and X. Lutz, a former prot
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