Bin of Shame Day: Yearly Stinkers Shine

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There are constants in every situation, but two of them at AdCritic are as clear as an OT XV Scientologist: We get sent a lot of TV commercials. A select few suck beyond comprehension. As a special holiday bonus for you, our loyal subscriber, on Wednesday we're presenting the worst of the worst, the total doggerel that should have, under no circumstances, been bought for an actual client for actual money, much less submitted to a website highlighting work that's fun and interesting. These noxious secretions from the foul glands of advertising make their way into our "Bin of Shame," tucked away far from the reels of promise and talent in their own cesspool of fast money and appalling shoddiness. So, members of the ever-positive and uplifting commenting group, start working up that bile. You'll have a lot of rubbish to heap it on come Wednesday. Who knows—it may be good to work some hate out before spending some time with the family.
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