Bits of Brilliance from Ad Age's Marketer A-List

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Today, Advertising Age announced its annual Marketer A-List, including Marketer of the Year, Coca-Cola and other smart brands like IBM, Loreal, Volkswagen, Amazonand--who would have thunk--The Kardashian Clan. Check out the full lineup here, and below, dig into some of the brilliant creative moves that helped land the marketers on top.

Marketer of the Year: Coca-Cola
Coke continues to spread its mantra of happiness around the world with feel good moves such as the "Share a Coke" campaign out of Ogilvy Sydney, in which the brand quietly replaced its moniker on bottle labels with popular names like Matt, Tom or Jess, and an eco-friendly billboard in the Philippines adorned with plants that could potentially absorb up to 46,800 pounds of CO2 a year. Read the Coca-Cola Marketer of the Year story here.

The Kardashians

Whatever your opinion on Kardashian family values, it's not hard to imagine the SoCal clan going down in biz books as one of the most savviest marketers to date. The family recently opened Kardashian Khaos, the one-stop boutique for all things Kardashian, at the Mirage in Las Vegas. The "lifestyle boutique" will carry all the products the Kardashians endorse, love and then some, such as the ones seen here. Khaos, in essence, ties together many of the different marketing vehicles the Kardashian family has started to date: the fashion boutiques DASH, Sears clothing line Kardashian Kollection, weight-loss product Quick Trim, skin care line PerfectSkin and the tens of hundreds of brands the family endorses. Kris Jenner, mom, manager and executive producer of the Kardashians, calls it a "giant outreach" and a "big celebration of brand Kardashian." Check out the Kardashian Marketer A-List story here.

We all know about VW's latest contribution to the pantheon of brilliant commercials starring one Little Darth, but the brand's creative juice travels globally, as seen in a recent pair of lookalike spots for the Tiguan out of DDB Sydney and Almap BBDO Brazil, and a Dutch digital campaign out of Achtung that plans to resurrect one of the brand's iconic models with a social media makeover. Read the VW Marketer A-List story here.

Perhaps one of L'Oreal's most brilliant moves was to tap the knowledge--and fan base--of YouTube darling Michelle Phan, who was appointed Lancome's first ever video spokesartist in February 2010. The former art school student boasts a massive following--more than 1.6 million subscribers to her YouTube channel, which originally featured her low budget makeup tutorials ranging from the "natural" look to cosplay makeovers. The Lancome site steps up the production on Phan tutorials using the brand's various products. Find out what else helped L'Oreal earn A-List status here.

Some of IBM's most creative moves of late include the Smarter Planet initiative, which featured brilliant elements as varied as a Jeopardy-playing robot named Watson and simple, visually arresting print ads illustrated by Noma Bar, out of Ogilvy Paris. To celebrate its 100th anniversary, the brand also erected the spectacular multimedia Think Exhibit at New York's Lincoln Center. See IBM's Marketer A-List story here.

Amazon The online retailer entered the tablet fray with the Kindle Fire, priced at less than half the cost of an iPad and running on the Android OS. The 7-inch device boasts a touch color display and access to Amazon's Cloud and Amazon Prime. Touted as a "consumption vehicle" it supplies its readers not just with reading material, but with music, TV and films. See Amazon's Marketer A-List story on

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