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Burger King - 'Eat Like Snake'
Burger King - 'Eat Like Snake'
With 82 grams of fat and 1230 calories in the Triple Whopper, it's probably a good thing Crispin Porter + Bogusky commands BK fans "eat like snake"—infrequently, and with large periods of inactivity in between. The shock value (and comedy) in this one doesn't come from the sticker price (or nutrition information), it's actor/martial artist/vfx operator Ilram Choi, who, when a Triple owner mozies away from his meat stack, pantomimes a serpent. Tasting the air with his tongue, Choi slithers across the floor, expands his mouth to gulp the Triple and then does a few snake chops after the poor owner comes back from the drink machine to find his meal has disappeared. Directed by Kinka Usher of the House of, the spot also features a track, courtesy of Beacon Street Studios, that belongs on the "Best of BK" mix CD we're slowly compiling, a sultry smooth jazzy soul number much like something you'd hear in the restaurant, but with the unrelenting message to "eat like snake," including special detailed instructions: "unhinge your jaw."
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