BK Kicks It with Coq Roq

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BK "Bob Your Head"
Burger King has introduced a designer, a diet expert and a rapper, but in a new commercial from Crispin Porter + Bogusky, the fast food chain introduces its most elaborate creation yet -- a full-on rock band. Dubbed "Coq Roq" -- a play on "cock rock," a dismissive term for testosterone-fueled thrash -- the band's members dress, Slipknot-like, in chicken masks and urge their fans to engage in some serious head-bobbing.

This is all introduced in a new commercial for BK's "Chicken Fries," directed by HSI's Paul Hunter, in which we see one of the band's out-of-hand gigs. Naturally, the band also has a website, complete with message boards, MP3s and gear. And since the "Subservient Chicken" made it all the way to pay-per-view, you have to wonder: Can a Coq Roq world tour be far behind?

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