Blomkamp Joins RSA

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Nike "Evolution"
Director Neill Blomkamp has signed with RSA for commercials representation in the U.S. Blomkamp, a South African native now based in Vancouver gained recognition for his powerful visual effects work, demonstrated in spots like Nike “Evolution” and Citroen “Transformer,” both of which earned multiple honors on the awards circuit over the past year. The wins landed Blomkamp in the top three award winning directors in the Creativity Awards Report this year. Blomkamp will continue to work in Canada with Spy Films, which produced the director’s high profile spots, and will continue to do effects work through Embassy Pictures- of which he is part owner - and another self owned company, Ratel, which will be dedicated exclusively to the director’s commercial VFX work.

“My focus now is trying to work on the absolute best stuff that comes out of U.S.,” says Blomkamp. “Over the next few years I want to position myself as one of the people that gets those boards.” Blomkamp says he wants to focus on emotionally engaging spots, pointing to Jake Scott’s “Move,” as a prime example, and says he is “hyper interested” in doing longer form branded content. As for effects, Blomkamp says he wants to steer clear of a formulaic approach to CG-driven work. “I want to try and blur that line between what is CG and what is not CG. By doing that you can create a more bizarre environment that the commercial takes place in.” (TI)

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