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Alex Blum is back. The former executive producer and co-founder of the now defunct Headquarters, who for the past few years had taken a Hollywood-style sabbatical producing films like Behind Enemy Lines and Flight of the Phoenix, recently returned to the commercials world at Sleeper Films, a new bi-coastal production boutique he recently launched with longtime director rep Drew Miller. The shop is currently home to three directors, Toronto-based Christopher Hutsul, who's directed spots for Mac's and The Hargrave and British talents Eran Creevey, who recently shot work for Nike and runs his own company in the U.K., Between the Eyes and James Haworth, who has directed comedic spots for McDonald's, Toyota and Sportchek.

Why, in these industry-shifting times, did Blum decide to get back into business? "I think that there's a fundamental thing that hasn't changed, which is that this is a talent-driven industry. The reality is that your talent drives the decisions you make about what you do. Companies will put up a sign—'we're in the branded entertainment business!' So what? It's about whether or not you have an interesting guy who fits the bill."

For now, Blum and Miller are looking to keep it small. "I will probably sign one or two more people, but I'm very happy with the guys I have and I want to feel as good about anybody I sign as I do about them," says Blum. "I don't think we're gonna get all big in a big hurry. That's not what we're trying to achieve."

And the company name—is that some sort of reference to where Blum has been all these years? Not exactly. "We went back and forth with names and it's funny, names find you. We wanted to think of a name that felt like what we were doing, and that name won. It was like Pac-Man. It killed all the other names."

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