Blum, Moore Leave Headquarters

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Headquarters executive producer/partner Alex Blum and director John Moore have left the commercials shop to form Optional Pictures, a new Santa Monica-based company that will focus on feature films as well as spots. Blum and Moore most recently worked as a producer/director team on the feature film Behind Enemy Lines, and, at Optional, will be working on a 20th Century Fox remake of the 1965 film Flight of the Phoenix.

"We've been partners for ten years, so we managed to all get in a room together and get it figured out in a pretty business-like way," says Blum, who co-founded Headquarters with Tom Mooney and director David Cornell in 1992. "I think we're all pretty pleased with that because that's not easy to achieve. The fact that we were able to work it out between ourselves in a way that everybody was satisfied with I think is a pretty big accomplishment."

Irish director Moore, who joined Headquarters more than two years ago, grabbed the attention of Hollywood with a thrilling Sega "Apocalypse" spot for FCB/San Francisco that featured an ass-whooping Japanese cyberchick. The spot aired during the 1999 MTV Movie Awards and generated loads of interest from the film community, eventually leading to Moore's signing on as director of Behind Enemy Lines.

Back at Headquarters, co-executive producer Mooney and Cornell continue as partners, and Mooney -- who had a cameo in Behind Enemy Lines -- awaits his next star turn. "That was part of the deal actually," Blum jokes. "We made a commitment that he has to have a role in every movie we ever do, so if we fail to pull that off for some reason, then there could be trouble -- assuming he's willing to fly to Africa for a non-speaking, 10-second part." Ann-Christine Diaz

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