Brands Say Obama Poised to Win Election

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Companies from JetBlue to Cincinnati's Busken Bakery to Chia Pet are calling the election ahead of time. And in almost all the cases, President Obama is poised to serve a second term. Below, check out a handful of brands that have conducted their own unscientific polls about the presidential election.

If we've left any out, email us at [email protected] and we'll add their "data" to the list.

7-11's famous coffee cup poll -- which has called every election correctly since 2000 -- is painting the country blue.

Obama garners 54% of the vote, according to spa and beauty brand Bliss, which handed out Obama Orange and Mint-Romney scented body lotions at the conventions this year, and has given customers the option to choose their scent-affiliation with every $50 purchase.

The cheesiest poll on our list named Barack Obama the Big Cheese, via a nationwide vote that had the President's 3 feet by 4 feet Cheetos portrait garnering the majority of the vote.

JetBlue's "Election Protection," campaign, created out of Mullen, promised 1,006 round-trip tickets to the customers that wanted to fly out of the country if their candidate didn't win. Either people really want Obama to win, or are polling the other way to get a free ticket.

Cincinnati's Busken Bakery has been selling Presidential cookies since 1984. Owner Dan Busken recently told CNN that the results match the electoral vote count within 2%.

This one is definitely a little biased. Restaurant chain California Tortilla's 2012 Presidential Burrito Bowl campaign, which started in August, let customers vote with their tastes, giving them the option of either the Obama Chicken Teriyaki Luau Bowl, or the Romney Mexican Mitt-Loaf Bowl. This one might tell you more about what people think about eating ground meat blocks.

What kind of Chia Pet would you like? Chia's "Freedom of Choice" series includes figures representing Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul -- and Obama is winning in the latest results, with 62.9% of the sales. Romney has 36.3%, while Gingrich and Paul have 0.4%. The brand has been running a commercial featuring the series since September 17.

Halloween retailer Spirit Halloween predicted the race at the end of October, via its "Presidential Index," which used mask sales to figure out who was going to win. Obama masks outsold Romney masks 60% to 40%, according to CNN. The company has accurately predicted the winner since 1996.

Express your revulsion for either candidate by sticking gum on whichever candidate sucks most, with project "Gum Election." Not the most definitive, since people have to print out the poster and stick it on their wall, but looks like Romney "sucks the most."

And what do those who cannot vote think? Nickelodeon's "Kids Pick the President" poll, which seeks to get kids educated and involved, saw Obama garnering over a half a million votes, making him the kids' choice, at least.
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