Campfire Brings Terror back to Shark Week

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Discovery Channel seeks to bring the fear back into Shark Week in a promotional game created by Campfire, along with N.Y. and Stockholm-based interactive shop Your Majesty. Last week, mysterious capsules arrived in the mailboxes of bloggers and journalists. Each contained creepy items like bloodied and shredding clothing, photographs, newspaper articles and obits that announced the shark-related deaths of their recipients. They also pointed to a website,, which features links with mysterious coordinates that when plugged into Google Maps lead visitors to timed "drops" in various cities where they can find more capsules filled with evidence of man-eater casualties. When capsules are found, eerie films seen from the POV of a shark victim are unlocked on the site.

Campfire Co-Founder/ECD Mike Monello says he and team returned to their horror roots in conceiving this game. "Discovery Channel had a great brief," he explains. "Shark Week is 22 years old, and a lot of people think of it as a known quantity. They wanted to tap into people's fear of sharks and bring back the fear of Shark Week. From there, we thought about real fear, tapping into what we were doing in the Blair Witch Project days, where we found that what's in your imagination can be more horrifying that what you see. We played with the senses, in particular using audio and suggestive visuals, to help let you put together a story. We wanted to do the same thing with the physical props as well, putting out remnants of the story."

Contents from the Asbury Park incident capsule
Contents from the Asbury Park incident capsule
So far, two shark stories have been revealed, showing the fates of swimmers at Asbury Park and the Coral Sea, with the last to be unveiled on Monday, July 20th. On Facebook and Twitter, players can get updates and clues to the final physical drop sites (11 locations and capsules around the country were made available for each of the three shark stories). The site also features another option for visitors to see and pass around their own disturbing shark death tale, with the help of Facebook Connect.
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