Cattle Call: A Roundup of Brands And Beefcake

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Beefcake-vertising is back in fashion, at least when it comes to underwear. More and more celebrities are stripping down to their skivvies for underthings ads, following in the footsteps of Mark "Marky Mark" Wahlberg in the infamous 1992 Calvin Klein campaign. As Rupal Parekh points out, stars like David Beckham, Tim Tebow and Mario Lopez are all part of this new wave of beefcake underwear advertising. And while objectification of the female babe has long been a standard in the ad and media world, we've seen many a moment where a flexed pec or washboard abs have served as quite compelling shilling tools for brands. Here, a selection of brand land's Grade A beefcake moments. We encourage you to share any overlooked meatiness in the comments section below.

Double Entendre for Double Impact
Here's one way to spice up the pipe-cleaner category. This recent Liquid Plumr spot out of DDB San Francisco played on suggestive double meanings and enlisted two very attractive men to help snake your drain.

We're all for gratuitous skin-show. 2003 ads from Mother London for Archer, directed by Bryan Buckley, thought up every excuse to get this hunk to strip down to his skivvies. Something for the ladies, indeed.

Morning Fresh: Dirty Dishes
Introducing Aqua Beefcake Transition Technology. To show off the deep cleaning power of Morning Fresh, DDB Melbourne developed a special line of beefcake-adorned dishware that goes from dirty to clean when submerged in hot water.

Penningtons: Magic Mirror
Trying on clothes can be an ego-busting minefield, so DDB Toronto gave women in the dressing rooms at plus-size retailer Penningtons a bit of a boost using motion-sensor technology. Hunky firemen appeared in the mirror to tell you just how fabulous you looked.

The Many Uses of Marmite
DDB London shows you what your man would smell like if he was Marmite.

What a Gorgeous Air Freshener
Slap a hunk onto an ad for an air freshener and you have creative gold. This campaign for Renuzit out of Red Tettemer & Partners showed off the gorgeous design of the product by placing it next to an equally attractive man.

Your Man Reminder
Rethink Breast Cancer got your attention with this amazing app that features six handsome men that will pop up to remind you to do a breast self-exam, as well as reminders of doctor's appointments and important facts about breast cancer. The app also includes some nice touches like generic compliments being generated alongside reminders.

Chasing Barrels
A mustached hunk will stop at nothing -- including taking his shirt off -- to save his precious barrel of Schweppes' Solo. Watch it until the end to see him pour the beverage all over himself. How real men drink quench their thirst.

Nick Kamen Takes it Off
This classic 1985 spot for Levi's featuring the hunky Nick Kamen doing everyday chores, like laundry.

Diet Coke Break
Classic beefcake Lucky Vanous makes the construction worker fantasy all too real for office wokersi n this classic Diet Coke spot.

It Wouldn't Be Beefcake Without Isaiah
Old Spice introduced us to The Man You Wish Your Man Could Smell Like in one of the greatest beefcake campaigns ever, featuring the hunky Isaiah Mustafa. If only our screens could smell.

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